Admissions Standards Enhanced at Foulk Living, Shipley Living and Millcroft Living

March 21, 2022 | News | Reading Time 5:00 Minutes

LCS Management has installed the team with strong experience in each of the healthcare centers. 

Admissions processes certain to excel. 

Renowned entrepreneur, Biz Stone, said it best: “When you hand good people possibility, they do great things.”   

With an abundance of possibility and great people at the ready, healthcare centers at three Delaware senior living communities are destined for success. Life Care Services, An LCS® Company, has recently begun managing Foulk Living and Shipley Living in Wilmington, and Millcroft in Newark, Delaware. Under LCS’s leadership, and with the experienced and dedicated teams they’ve put in place, the admissions processes in each of the healthcare centers are certain to excel. 

LCS has more than 50 years of experience managing senior living communities across the country. The Des Moines, Iowa-based organization, provides operations, marketing, and sales management for Life Plan, stand-alone assisted living, memory care, and rental communities nationwide. Late last year, they became the management firm for Foulk Living, Shipley Living and Millcroft Living.  

Over the last several months, LCS has installed this team with strong experience to enhance the admission standards at the three communities. 

Renee Goolday, LCS, Regional Healthcare Marketing Specialist 

Renee is a successful marketing executive with more than ten years of experience in senior living. She became involved in the industry because of her impactful experience caring for her father. Renee is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) and had been the Director of Sales and Marketing for independent and assisted living at Shipley. She was promoted by LCS to the regional position for healthcare. Renee is a lifelong Delaware resident and said she is well-connected in the area. “Delaware is a small and close-knit community, especially in senior living. We all know each other.” Renee added that her connections have helped in the recruitment of the admissions team and are also an asset in working with hospital discharge planners with whom she has mutually beneficial relationships. 

The three senior living communities have good reputations in terms of care. However, Renee noted that, because of a history of delayed response time from healthcare admissions personnel, some hard work will be required to get the communities to their full potential. She is confident that everyone is up for the challenge. Renee stressed that the entire team is extremely professional, experienced, and committed to always providing a quick and helpful response.  

When she learned that LCS was going to manage the communities, Renee was thrilled. “I am beyond excited that we can bring the communities to the greatness I know has always been here,” she said. 

Renee is sure that her new role is a great fit. “My passion is helping seniors, and I like to be a resource to people. I love it when I can connect the dots and, at the end of the day, knowing I did the right thing, I sleep well,” she said. 

Kim DeLuca, Millcroft, Admissions Coordinator 

Kim credits her relationship as a child with her great-grandmother for instilling her passion for working with seniors. “I loved visiting her and seeing her friends and hearing about their lives and stories,” she said. Kim’s role as admissions coordinator allows her to honor the population she adores. “I love meeting seniors and their families and helping to guide them through a really important decision for care.”  At the healthcare center at Millcroft, Kim is responsible for giving tours, reviewing paperwork from hospital discharges, insurance companies, and clinical reports, and coordinating all the necessary components for admission. Her greatest pleasure is in helping provide all the information necessary to seniors and their loved ones, in order to help them make the best, and most well-informed decision about short or long-term care. 

Kim said that Millcroft has a good reputation in the area. “We’re well known. We have a dedicated staff who connects well with the residents and truly cares for them.”  Under LCS management, customer service has become a priority. “We are dedicated to responding to all inquiries promptly. We’re excited to have an interdisciplinary team in place and the support from LCS,” Kim said. 

As a self-proclaimed “people-person,” Kim is excited to be in a role in which she can help and interact with seniors and their families in an impactful way.  

Michelle Davis, Foulk Living, Director of Social Services and Admissions 

Michelle said that her responsibilities include giving tours, processing admission and clinical paperwork, and maintaining social services. “I am dedicated to seniors and will do everything I possibly can to help them.” 

Michelle has loved working with seniors since a young age. “Like most people in this field, I love resident interaction first and foremost. I love my time with the residents, getting to know them, understanding who they are and where they’re from. We don’t know them unless we dig deep and spend time with them, learning how special each one is.” 

Michelle earned a Master of Health and Human Services with a concentration in the geriatric population.  She has 18 years of experience in social work with seniors. Michelle plans on pursuing an advanced degree in counseling, which she said, “could only benefit my role here and enable me to provide additional support to our residents. My objective at all times is to make everything and every day better for the residents. My heart is in this population. My heart is in this job.” 

Lisa Eck, Shipley Living, Admissions Coordinator 

Lisa said that she has compassion and respect for the senior population and feels good about helping to make a positive difference in their lives. With more than 25 years of experience in social work, Lisa is happy to use her knowledge for a different but related role in admissions. “My background is in healthcare, and I like reading medical records, communicating with people, bringing them to Shipley, and creating a good experience for them. I strive to ease their minds and give them positive experiences,” she said. “I am a problem solver, and I like providing helpful information.” 

Lisa said that she is proud to be able to work with the team at Shipley and with the support from LCS. “I definitely see a bright sunny future here. We are building a strong team and will get our name out there. We offer a lot here and will stand out in a positive way.”