History Unveiled During Shipley Living Retirement Community’s Renovation

March 13, 2023 | News | Reading Time 2:00 Minutes

Shipley Living’s Rich History in Wilmington, Delaware

Even in an area steeped in rich history, it is a legend in its own right. At 2723 Shipley Road in Wilmington, Delaware is a building that has transformed in structure and function while consistently serving its greater community.

Shipley Living senior living community is undergoing renovation and remodeling, updating and refreshing current spaces where seniors live, are engaged, and are cared for. Last month, while part of the bistro was demolished for reconstruction, a remnant of the building’s educational past was discovered. A mural showing silhouettes of kids playing basketball was uncovered in what had formerly been a gymnasium of Shipley School. Teaching grades 1-6, Shipley School was built in 1962 and used for public education. Prior to that, the property was Bartels Family Farm beginning 1917.

Serving Seniors

Shipley School closed in 1978, and in 1984, the building became Shipley Manor. In 2021, Life Care Services ®, An LCS® Company began managing the retirement community. The name was changed to Shipley Living, and LCS set about enhancing its services, programs, and building. Spaces in Shipley Living have been identified for their former functions at Shipley School. What was the principal’s office is now the executive director’s office and is right next to what was the nurse’s office. The school cafeteria was transformed into the dining room, the library is an apartment, and the auditorium is now a spacious living room. The gymnasium, currently being remodeled, is Shipley Living’s stylish bistro.

Through the generations, people who lived on the farms and students who attended the school have lived, visited, and even worked at Shipley Living.

Shipley Living senior living community, rich in history, is beginning its next evolution with its updated, beautiful and comfortable space.

Shipley Living

Nestled in a vibrant neighborhood in Wilmington, Delaware, Shipley Living is a full-service, rental, continuing care retirement community offering carefree independent living, the helping hand of assisted living, and comprehensive skilled nursing. Shipley Living is managed by Life Care Services®. For additional information, visit ShipleyLiving.com or call 302/387-4832.