Admissions Director is ‘Resource’s Resource’ at Shipley Living

May 11, 2022 | News | Reading Time 4:00 Minutes

Kathy Scott is the driving force behind countless programs, partnerships, and good deeds at the community.

Kathy began working at Shipley as the Admissions Director when the community first opened its doors in 1984.

“Kathy is the resource’s resource,” said Tim Ballas, executive director of Shipley Living senior living in Wilmington. The Kathy of whom he speaks is Kathy Scott who is the driving force behind countless programs, partnerships, and good deeds at the community. It’s a widely held belief that when there’s something especially nice, professional, or special going on, Kathy Scott is often the responsible party.

Kathy began working at Shipley as the Admissions Director when the community first opened its doors in 1984.   After ten years, she became the Sales and Marketing Director for independent living.

Kathy had always planned on a career in physical education. During college, she had a chance to watch a friend of hers working with older adults. She decided that was a demographic she preferred to hormonal teenage gym students. Kathy changed her studies to therapeutic recreation, with a focus on working with seniors. “I knew that I could be useful, helping them enjoy senior living,” she said.

Working in marketing at Shipley, she said, she found that she was “able to problem solve for residents and families, helping them to find the right fit, overcome their objections and work with the families. It’s a perfect balance of sales, marketing, social work, and therapy. They pour their hearts out to me, and I help give them direction. It makes me feel good to be so useful.”

Kathy provided unparalleled service, kindness, and compassion to the residents during her tenure at Shipley Living. For example, one resident recalled that he was all set to move to the senior living community, but the person driving him needed to reschedule. Knowing that he was disappointed at the delay, Kathy hopped in her car, drove out to pick him up, and got him settled into his new apartment. Furthermore, she coordinated transportation for him to continue getting to work at his office and even made sure that the dining department always packed him a box lunch.

In addition to being the motivation for countless people to move to Shipley, Kathy has also brought organizations, support groups, and community partners. This includes helping facilitate a partnership with a Parkinson’s disease support group for people of the greater Wilmington area. Additionally, a more festive outcome of Kathy’s renown in the area has resulted in the local Trader Joe’s donating fresh flowers for the Shipley residents weekly.

In 2019, Kathy technically retired from Shipley but, in reality, became even busier than before. After only two weeks, she was re-recruited by the regional director of the company that was managing Shipley at the time. “I came back as a PRN marketing specialist for the tri-state area. I’d fill in for marketing departments and help with training and onboarding when new people were hired. I enjoyed it,” she said. When the senior living community’s management changed to Life Care Services (LCS) this year, she stayed on with Shipley.

Currently, Kathy works in marketing two days weekly at Shipley. In addition, she works part-time for Delaware Healthcare Facilities Association, a non-profit that advocates for long-term care providers. Kathy mentors students of the Innovation Lab at the University of Delaware. She is also the Board President for Sellers Senior Center. She reported she is involved with many other organizations as well.

In addition to wearing many different hats, Kathy’s proud that she also sometimes dons some costumes. She and her husband play Santa and Mrs. Claus, and she’s also the Easter Bunny for residents at Shipley… anything to bring a smile to the faces of the residents she loves.

Kathy said her programs and activities are good for her heart and soul and make her feel good. “It’s just what I do.”  Describing herself, she said, “I’d like to think that I am kind-hearted, compassionate and loving.”

“Kathy is invaluable as well as being the consummate professional. I have known of her for years, but this is my first time working with her. I have found that she earned that reputation for a reason,” concluded Tim.