Shipley Living’s “Legend” Amy Ghebre

November 09, 2022 | News | Reading Time 2:00 Minutes

Amy is the concierge at the senior living community.

The first person one sees when they enter Shipley Living is a friendly one…also, one who is caring, multi-talented, and quintilingual (speaks five languages).

Amarech Ghebrehiwot (Amy Ghebre) is the concierge at the senior living community in Wilmington. The self-professed helpful, hardworking, considerate team member is not only welcoming; she’s also a legend, having worked at Shipley for more than 20 years.

Amy said that along with her concierge skills, she is a former model, certified as a massage therapist and fashion personal shopper, a jewelry maker, fashion designer and a knitter/crocheter. “In addition to English, I also speak a few foreign languages. I am fluent in two East African languages: Tigrigna and Amharic, as well as in Italian, and I also speak some Spanish,” she said.

Stating that she loves her job at Shipley Living retirement community, Amy explained, “I’m a people-person so I like meeting people. I like working in senior living best because I get to know my residents, who make me feel like their family.”

“Amy is a wonderful presence at Shipley Living,” said Tim Ballas, executive director. “She is kind, friendly, caring and is a great representative of the rest of our outstanding team. She helps set the tone for the community, and we are fortunate she’s been dedicated to Shipley Living for so long!”