Admissions Coordinator Finds Joy in Ensuring Seamless Transitions to Senior Living

January 23, 2024 | News | Reading Time 3:00 Minutes

As an admissions coordinator for Shipley Living, the most rewarding part of Myndi Ragan’s job is seeing smiles on residents’ and their family members’ faces and knowing that they are happy to be part of the Shipley community.

Having been involved in her grandmother’s move to long-term care, Ragan knows first-hand that such a transition can be challenging for older adults and their families.

“It’s a difficult position to be in when they realize that their family member can’t be at home anymore and they need a quality placement,” Ragan says. “I like seeing smiles on their faces when they are happy with the services we provide.”

Shipley Living senior living community which is based in Wilmington, Delaware, is a full-service, rental continuing care retirement community. Shipley Living offers carefree independent living, the helping hand of assisted living, comprehensive skilled nursing, and short-term rehabilitation–all of which are located on the same campus and can be utilized by residents as their health needs change.

Ragan, who joined Shipley Living in September, welcomes potential residents and their family members to the community and shows them around short-term rehabilitation and long-term health care.

Her goal is to see that residents receive the appropriate level of care and are comfortable. She coordinates with social work teams from local hospitals to do just that.

Whether a prospective resident will be at Shipley Living for short-term care or a longer stay, Ragan wants them to feel at home.

“Whether it is short-term rehabilitation, or long-term skilled care, I enjoy providing people with the services they need and making them feel welcome,” she says.

Ragan earned a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Health and Addiction and a Master’s in Human Services. She worked for 15 years in behavioral health settings before joining Shipley Living.

She was drawn to Shipley because “I was ready to embrace a new journey, and I’ve always liked working with the elderly population,” she says.

Ragan understands the concerns some residents may have and strives to put them at ease.  

“A lot of times, people begin to feel like they are a burden on their families, but they aren’t,” she says. “They just need a little extra help.”

Ragan also likes the ever-changing nature of her job, with each potential resident having different needs and a different life story.

“My job changes every day,” she says. “I like interacting with the families and the prospective residents and getting to know them.”

She also enjoys working at a place that prioritizes providing the best care possible and being part of a team.

“Shipley Living continually emphasizes providing excellent care for residents,” she says. “It’s a good team to be part of. We all understand and are working toward a common goal.”

Shipley Living

Nestled in a vibrant neighborhood in Wilmington, Delaware, Shipley Living is a full-service, rental, continuing care retirement community offering carefree independent living, the helping hand of assisted living, and comprehensive skilled nursing. Shipley Living is managed by Life Care Services®. For additional information, visit or call 302/387-4832.