Shipley Living Resident Born To Teach Continues To Do So In Retirement

June 09, 2022 | News | Reading Time 2:00 Minutes

Jean Fava teaches art to the residents.

“Once a teacher, always a teacher.”

“Once a teacher, always a teacher,” and Jean Fava was pleased but not completely surprised to find that rang true with her. A retired educator and artist, Jean spent years teaching history, English and art. But she said she’s always been an artist in her heart.

“I’ve done a lot of watercolors, especially botanical watercolors. But I also enjoy different types of arts and crafts. I’ve sold many paintings, but now I give them away,” she said.

When Kathy Scott, the Marketing Director at Shipley, learned about her talent and passions, Jean recalled, “She said, ‘wonderful!’ They didn’t have anyone here teaching art to the residents, and she asked if I would do so.’”

Jean holds a monthly art class and provides the ideas as well as all of the materials and supplies. There are usually about a half dozen people participating, and the project and subject matter changes. “It’s a lot of fun. I see how excited the residents get over discovering what they can do. I was born to teach, and I did so for 47 years. I never thought I’d teach again after retirement, but I said, ‘Of course, when Kathy asked me.’ I was missing it!”

Jean and her husband Ron are originally from England but moved to the U.S. in 1968, working in North Carolina, Pittsburgh, and Delaware. When they decided they wanted to move to a senior living community, Jean said, “We looked carefully at various places. We met Kathy, who is a delightful woman, and she made us feel welcome. She made herself available for anything we wanted or needed. We love her. We came here mainly because of her.”

The couple lives in one of the charming cottages on the Shipley campus. “We like it very much. We have wonderful views over the wooded area, and the trees are magnificent. I often paint them,” she said. “We have lots of space with two bedrooms and our own washer and dryer.”

Jean added, “We have plenty to keep us busy here, and we have met many friends. The residents and the staff are magnificent; they’re so kind and polite; they’re lovely. We’re very happy to be here.”