Shipley Living Partners with LivNow Relocation

October 13, 2022 | News | Reading Time 3:00 Minutes

Great things can happen when you bring together professionals with specific areas of expertise. 

Shipley Living’s investment in the partnership with LivNow Relocation shows its dedication to future residents.

Great things can happen when you bring together professionals with specific areas of expertise.

Such is the case with Delaware senior living communities Foulk Living and Shipley Living in Wilmington and Millcroft Living in Newark, as they partner with LivNow Relocation. The three retirement communities are dedicated to providing the best care and services to older adults. 

LivNow Relocation, launched earlier this year, is committed to making the move from one’s home to a retirement community as seamless as possible. “Moving into senior living can enable older adults to live their best life in a community where they receive what they need to thrive,” said Lisa Burns, co-founder of LivNow Relocation. 

The company is unique in its comprehensiveness of service offerings. “Other companies that help seniors move to a senior living community focus on one aspect of the process, such as selling a home, downsizing, or the physical move. No one else provides what we do in terms of vetting suppliers including realtors, movers, professional organizers, bridge loan partners, and instant offer home buyers,” said Burns. “We put together certified suppliers in the specific locations. They often know each other and become a team handling all aspects of the move.”

LivNow also provides technology that facilitates and supports the process. “We’re bringing technology that doesn’t exist elsewhere. Our mobile platform houses all the information about the move for easy access to residents, family members, suppliers, and the community. It shares information about the providers they’re working with and status updates, so everyone is aware of what is going on,” said Burns.

The senior living communities’ investment in their partnership with LivNow Relocation shows their dedication to their future residents. “We are proud to help seniors effectively overcome the significant hurdle of moving so that they can enjoy their life in their new homes,” said Micah Terry, Regional Marketing and Sales Specialist for Life Care Services, the management company of the communities.

It’s an investment in a gift that doesn’t go unnoticed. Burns repeated a story she had recently heard. “Someone was heard commenting, ‘knowing that they care this much about a future resident says a lot about the level of care we’ll receive when we’re living there,'” Burns said. This is reflective of the level of service that is, in fact, provided by Foulk Living, Shipley Living, and Millcroft Living.

As part of their commitment to providing complete information and assistance to potential residents, the three senior living communities sponsored LivNow Relocation informative programs last week. Real estate professionals discussed industry trends at Foulk Living, an expert on rightsizing presented at Shipley Living, and Millcroft Living hosted roundtable discussions by real estate, mover, and downsizing professionals. “We will continue to host informative programming such as this for potential residents,” said Terry. 

Important to LivNow’s mission and the senior living communities’ priorities, are the philanthropic components of their partnership.  LivNow Relocation’s Move for Hunger program will collect shelf-stable food not going with the resident to the community and donate it to local food pantries. Additionally, a portion of real estate commission earned during the transaction will be donated back to the community’s charity of choice. “The benevolent aspect of this relationship aligns with the communities’ values,” said Terry.

The fact is that everyone benefits from the partnership, especially the residents. “These are the people that deserve these elevated move services the most. We are providing a great experience and in doing so, delivering happier residents,” said Burns.