Objectively, Shipley Living Resident Only Has Good Things To Say

March 13, 2024 | News | Reading Time 3:00 Minutes

She came up empty-handed.

Carolyn Bryant, a resident of Shipley Living in Wilmington, Delaware, thought long and hard about what she’d say when asked about her life at the senior living community.

Wanting to be objective and not appear unrealistically over-the-top enthusiastic, she was at a loss. Carolyn and her husband, Gary, moved to Shipley Living just over a year ago. It has been, she said, “perfect. I tried to think about even one little thing that I might like to change or any minor deficit there might be, and there’s nothing that isn’t great here. Nothing.”

A year and a half ago, Carolyn and Gary’s adult children snuck out on a private excursion to investigate senior living communities for their folks for when they decided to move. “We weren’t quite ready. Our adult children, unbeknownst to us, took it upon themselves to check out area independent living communities,” Carolyn said. “They looked at the communities through what they imagined were the eyes of their mom and dad and where we’d be happiest. They all decided on Shipley Living.”

A year ago last September, the kids asked if their folks were ready to move, and they said, “‘Yes.’ The kids told us about their excursion. I asked them what made them like Shipley Living the best, and they said, ‘The warmth there’.  We visited the community and completely agreed,” Carolyn recalled, adding, “Keisha Jacobs-Jackson, the Director of Marketing and Sales, is the face of Shipley. She’s warm and genuine and really loves the residents. The entire staff is amazing; they go above and beyond what you could imagine. And there are more programs than we could ever do!”

Having lived at Shipley a little more than a year now, Carolyn said, “We love our apartment. It’s everything we need: two bedrooms and a lovely deck with an awning. We have friends. Between the building, the staff and the residents, it’s really wonderful.” She added, “When people ask me if I like Shipley Living, I say, ‘No! I love it!’ We are a family, a community of people who truly care for each other.”

Carolyn concluded, “The other day, I was hearing about the loneliness epidemic in America. Because of the high rate of crime and people being so distracted by their electronics, more and more people don’t get out and interact with others very much. It’s different here. It’s a community of love and sharing, where we congregate and visit and exercise and see movies and play games.  People enjoy each other. I’m not alone in thinking this way. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love it here.”

Shipley Living

Nestled in a vibrant neighborhood in Wilmington, Delaware, Shipley Living is a full-service, rental, continuing care retirement community offering carefree independent living, the helping hand of assisted living, and comprehensive skilled nursing. Shipley Living is managed by Life Care Services®. For additional information, visit ShipleyLiving.com or call 302/387-4832.